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Curiosity concepts

Main page overview

Screenshot of Curiosity's current interface

As you can see on the previous screenshot, curiosity is divided in three main area :

First area : Select your server and index

On the first area, there are two drop down list(1) :

  • The first one allows you to choose a server. If you use curiosity for the first time, normally there is only one server in this list. If you want to add a new server, press "New" button, fill the input that just appeared, then click on connect. If you curiosity was able to reach the server, "connect" button stays green (2) and your server is added to the server list, otherwise the button goes red (3).
  • The second list contains all current server indexes.
Screenshot of Curiosity's dropdown list

Choose a server and an index then let's customize your layout

Center area : Basic Search context

By default, curiosity open a basic search context with just one page, that you can use to explore the docs in your index.

Basic search context

Now, perhaps you want more than just search.

Bottom area : Action's links

Screenshot of Curiosity's home

Button's details

The search icon launch a search.

Back to basic search context.

Open a context that list all context saved in the curiosity index.

These buttons are useful when you customize your search context and you want to save it.

Context save as

New page
Plus add a page in the current context.
These page will be accessible by the arrows on the middle left and right of screen.